Tellington TTouch Practitioner Guild

Services Offered by Certified TTouch Practitioners 

Tellington TTouch Practitioners work in a variety of settings and offer many different services.  Available services will depend on the level of experience and certification of the individual Practitioner, as well as their specialty interests.  The Practitioner Directory allows you to search for a Practitioner in your area or by services offered.


Services and Learning Opportunities:


Individualized private sessions for you and your animal. (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Rabbits, and Reptiles).


Phone consultation.


Tellington TTouch demonstrations to groups, businesses, and clubs.


Regular on-going small group classes.


One and two day small group hands-on workshops.


Specialty workshops for various behavior issues or specific species.


Seminars and large group presentations.


TTouch Practitioner Training courses.


Online courses and teleconferences.






Why select a Certified TTouch Practitioner to work with your animal?


When selecting someone to work with your animal, you need to feel confident that the person you choose is qualified, professional, and caring.


Certified TTouch Practitioners have completed a comprehensive training program to learn and master the techniques of the Tellington TTouch Method.  In addition to the nearly 300 classroom hours and required case studies of animals worked with between sessions, many Practitioners also have volunteered extensively in shelters and rescue organizations. 


Certified TTouch Practitioners and members of the Guild must also meet requirements for continuing education and professional development.  By attending advanced trainings and/or assisting in the professional training program, Practitioners keep their skills up to date and learn the latest techniques.


Not only can you find a Certified Practitioner to assist you with your dog or horse, but many Practitioners specialize in working with cats, rabbits (and other small pets), reptiles, and birds.


Most importantly, Certified TTouch Practitioners exemplify the TTouch philosophy of promoting respectful, humane, and compassionate interactions with our animal friends.  A TTouch Practitioner will work in partnership with you and your animal to find the most effective and positive solutions for challenging behavior issues or support for health concerns. 


Feedback From Satisfied Customers:


Thank you for bringing a TTouch Dog seminar to AZ. The greatest bit of info that I gathered was becoming more aware of how the smallest tension pattern (your candle image) can escalate into a much larger challenge (a big fire) very quickly.  Seeing this with refreshed eyes will help me assess stiuations more clearly.  I also enjoyed learning how to use the harness, double lead and balance leash. It really helped me redirect Griffin more effectively. Thanks again!”

                                                                                 Ava and Griffin


“I really enjoyed the workshop last weekend.  I have been practicing on Lucy and using some of the TTouch techniques on the daycare dogs.  We are seeing surprising and much needed results with daycare dogs that have a lot of anxiety.”

                                                                 Debra at The Canine Craze


 "I volunteered with Sarah for the last 18 months at an animal shelter. Watching the scared dogs and cats come around after her sessions of TTouch was truly remarkable. Her techniques work, and she helped turn some very challenging pet behaviors into sweet, highly adoptable companions."


                                                                   Estee Pouleris


“We started seeing results right away by using the TTouch techniques with grooming dogs. It seemed to really calm them down especially the body wrap for nail trims etc. Sometimes we get some dogs staying with us that are very excited. A couple of circular TTouches really seems to relax them! Thanks again. Can't wait to have you back!”

                                                              Cliff Hilton, Goldwood Kennels


“Walked Desi this morning with the double ended leash and harness.  She was a joy!  Even when distraction were present (cars, squirrels, sprinklers).  She has never been one to walk by my side but this morning she relaxed and was very content which made the walk so much more enjoyable.”


                                                                                 Heather and Desi


“I can't stop thinking about all the wonderful things I learned this weekend. I didn't want to let our presenter go home. The seminar was so much more than I expected. I expected to only learn calming and soothing touches. In addition to the touches, I learned a lot about dealing with shy and fearful dogs. A great tool to help me as an assistant at HOTC. I also learned a new tool to help with leash pulling. The quotes from Kathy that I keep hearing in my head today are.... "Dogs just want to feel safe", and "allow a fearful dog to have a choice to move away". WOW! This is by far the best seminar I have attended. Thank you so much Martha for bringing us the Tellington T-Touch Philosophy in training this weekend.”


                                                    June Simpson, Huntsville Obedience Club




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