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Tender Hands Animal Training
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June 4-9 2016 Littleton, CO Assistant
Sept. 10-15 2016 Littleton, CO Assistant
Courtney Kirman, owner of Tender Hands Animal Training, has dedicated her life to improving the lives of pets and their people. Her passion and affinity for animals was present from a very early age. Courtney has been studying dog obedience since 2006, when a young Husky named Bailey entered her life. Courtney worked as a dog trainer for a large commercial chain before breaking out on her own and discovering the powerful benefits of the Tellington TTouch approach. TTouch was the missing link that Courtney felt was needed to truly help pets and their people. Courtney believes in a positive and gentle approach to pet training that will build a relationship of trust and respect between animals and the people they share their lives with. She is a native of Arizona and a University of Arizona Alumni. Courtney's passions include animal rescue, hiking, and being in nature with her adopted Brittany and Bluetick Coonhound.